About Richard

about-richard-photo-editedMy name is Richard Learmont, I am a Musician, a Healer, and a Life Design Guide. I have vast and varied experience in using ancient and modern healing modalities to effect transformation for others in regards to helping them align with their inner truth and direction when making important and even every-day life decisions.

My purpose in serving you is to listen deeply, allowing you to be real, honest and true to yourself. I respond and guide you from my own expression of authenticity and clarity and it is my honor to do so.

My Story

I am a lover of life and all that it offers. I have always been a seeker of freedom to be my unique self, marching to the beat of my own drum.

  • I have always known that I am here as a messenger.
  • I learned that being a true messenger meant becoming free to be my unique self as I patiently wait to respond to life by honoring what feels right for me over time.
  • I have found a way to be in alignment with my own authority, at peace with myself and present with all things.
  • My mission is to facilitate a remembrance of people‚Äôs true nature so they can experience love, freedom and bliss.
  • I am honored to share with you an extraordinary experience that allows you to become more aware of your energy system and how to best manage it, make decisions that are always correct for you, and be your unique self.

Fun Facts

  • During the recovery process of my broken neck at the age of 17, I experienced an extraordinary phenomena. I experienced that while wearing a halo vest, (a walking traction that allowed my broken neck to be stationary but allowed me to move about), playing my saxophone and feeling the vibrations and resonance of the sounds resonate throughout the entire skeleton of my body and feeling a deep sense of relaxations and rejuvenation. I strongly felt that it aided my healing process. That was my first mystical experience with sound waves.
  • I later went on to studying the Hindu mysticism and yogic practices of the Siddha lineage and continued that practice for 12 years learning about the magical powers of meditation, chanting and selfless service.
  • My search for liberation from deeply conditioned patterns and unawareness of my true self led me to the study and practice of shamanism, learning ancient techniques of sound and ceremonial rituals that allowed me to experience myself from a mystical, out of body perspective.
  • After being introduced to Human Design some 13 years ago, I began to understand the mechanical structure of life itself, and how it is all contained within me. After many year of contemplation and following my strategy, a switch literally flipped inside of me, and I became more relaxed in my body when dealing with any circumstance that I am faced with. This is an accomplishment that is immeasurable and invaluable to me.